6 thoughts on “Thinking in 2016…”

  1. Happy New Year Gerald. Thanks for your upbeat missives through the year. From the UK, I look to the States as a place of freedom from bigotry and tyranny. The Rich Man is a bad ad for your nation and our species. Meanwhile, here’s to keeping our ledgers in the black another year.

  2. How do I say very nice post about your father? I’ll just say very nice post about your father. He was wealthier than many people and I believe by your post he has made you much wealthier too. Way too many people forget there is much more to wealth than money alone.

    Too bad only those with way too much money, are the only ones who can run for President of the USA.

    Hope you have a great New Year.

    1. Steve K.
      Thank you for your comment. My father set a very high standard… I often wonder what he would had accomplished if he had finished high-school or been able to have a quality education. I would type and re-write letters for him and once came across a profile done on him and they were convinced he had gone to college (I guess it never occurred to some that his children/nieces/nephews) were more than willing to help him express his views in a manner that would be listened to. In person he did not need our help.

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