2 thoughts on “I find myself still dreaming…”

  1. Best of success in your quest to cross Iowa on a cruiser.

    Your post reminded me of how I used to ride everywhere, hills and mountains included, on a single speed bike until I was about 17 or 18 and finally bought a 3 speed. Later while in college I bought a 10 speed. Ever since I never went back to only one speed and I wonder how I ever did the hills with only a single speed bike.

  2. Bill:
    I agree… my first bike was a single speed and had no ability to coast…. you pedaled all the time or took your feet off and the pedals continued to circle. When I moved up to single speed/coaster bike it was fun. I’ve had a 27 gear bike and needed them to get up hills. This summer a person on a cruiser passed me… and I thought as slow as I am… why not? I like to think I had the will to get fit enough to manage it…

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