4 thoughts on “When the zither calls… you watch the movie…”

  1. I’ve got “The Third Man” on DVD somewhere, still shrink-wrapped. Haven’t seen this film since the mid ’90s and definitely due for a screening.
    And speaking of typewriters, for some reason, my ’47 Royal QDL always reminds me of Graham Greene and this film.

  2. Definitely will sit down to watch it again at some point. But it was directed by Carol Reed, not Orson Welles. Although, it has often been stated that Welles wrote the dialogue for the Ferris wheel scene, which has become classic.

    1. Teeritz:
      You are correct it was directed by Carol Reed. It has been said that Orson Wells got upset that over time people would most often mentioned this movie as their faviorate Well’s movie… when infact it was not his movie; but Carol Reed’s.

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