9 thoughts on “1960 RC Allen Visomatic (Cursive)”

  1. Richard: My serial number is about 1,000 lower than yours 215XXXX.
    The extra lever’s are a mystery… the letters are almost worn off so uncertain as to what purpose they serve… The far left (going down) L M H, the next lever is C N R. On the right C N R and B S R. I assume that L M H is a pressure setting for the key. And B S R is a ribbon setting (Black – RED).

  2. I found one today in a thrift shop for $8.50. I had not heard of the make before & it needs a good cleaning. I’m quite excited about it! Trying to find out something about her–she has orange keys. Definitely needs a good cleaning & a new ribbon.

  3. Angie:
    RC Allen bought out the Woodstock Typewriter around 1950, renamed the typewriter RC Allen and made them into the l970’s. I also own a 1917 Woodstock. Well made machines and good to type with. I had not heard much of them when I first started collecting which is odd in the since that they were around in one form or another for over 50 years.

  4. I need to clean the machine, and it seems to have some issues with jumping ahead several spaces and some other mechanical issues. Keys are in pristine shape & like I said, they are an interesting coral color. I have not been able to find a picture of another machine like this.

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