Knowing that the Zephyr was a train…

When you don’t have to look it up but know that Zephyr was a train… then you are of a certain age.  Like having used a phone with a dial you spun to call a number…

Update: Had I looked up the meaning of Zephyr I would have learned it was a gentle breeze from the west, the Greek god of wind… and lots of other interesting things.  As well as the fact that 12 Passenger Trains that ran into Chicago and in the state of Illinois (where I grew up) used Zephyr as part of their names.  As a result I locked into this one view of the term instead of its many.    Which is one of the nice things of not limiting oneself to an “echo chamber” of thinking and perspectives.

1938 Corona Zephyr De Luxe

3 thoughts on “Knowing that the Zephyr was a train…”

    1. Mark:
      You are correct. Which shows that I locked myself into one assumption & its meaning. Thank you for expanding my thoughts.

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