The dream lingers…

I still hear that “Freedom’s bell” where all are equal and we march together strong and tall up that mountain of goodness and light.

I still see unity; love of character and peaceful disagreement as the way forward.

I still think its true: “We cannot walk alone” I still dream that dream…

Soft sounds still rebounds… “Free at last…” and I see a rainbow of smiling faces hand in hand and I awake…

1956 Underwood

2 thoughts on “The dream lingers…”

  1. I learned as a child not to hate since to hate would only destroy me, myself, and I. When I put forth effort to learn about other people and get along I find I may not like certain views they may have, yet I can still be their friend and forget their fault(s)…I have too many faults of my own.

    I agree, we all need to work together and support the President. We support an office, a country.

    1. Bill M.
      Thank you… I think common ground is out there. Even if it starts with typewriters. Good will is not about politics. It is not about any thing more than being the best person we can be. I appreciate your thoughts and input and celebrate your ability to understand different view points. Again Thank you!

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