If its true it is not false… if its real it is not fake!

Seems like some want anything they feel not worth talking about to be called “fake”.  Which makes it harder to tell fact from fiction.  Worthless information if true is not “fake”… its just something to ignore.  Lets not make it harder to communicate by calling information “fake” if it is of little value or importance but still true. Let fake be false and “fake news” be only made up stuff.

I want to be able to talk to someone without the need of a “code book”.

1964 Imperial Model 7

3 thoughts on “If its true it is not false… if its real it is not fake!”

  1. Like Pavlov’s dogs. People can be conditioned to nonsense too. It all started with Willy when he did not…..with that girl. This bombastic fellow though is playing spin the word game to the maximum though.
    Tuskegee Airmen … best & most dedicated fighter pilots in WWII. I’m saddened each time I hear of one passing. Those men are not supposed to grow old and leave us.

    1. Barton
      I have just reached a point where taking the high road means more than words. Sure I know better, but it makes my old age more interesting.

  2. A reflection of society. Most people like gossip or some part of a worthy news report and make their own opinion rather than search for the truth. The news people don’t help either. Rather than report a story they sensationalize trivial points of a story or no story at all.

    That is a wonderful mention of the Tuskegee Airmen.

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