2 thoughts on “I type into year three with joy…”

  1. Strange how the little unexpected things turn out to be the most wonderful. Nice Underwood 5.
    Did you ride across Iowa with the organized ride? My wife often talks about the ride from the Western border of Iowa to the Mississippi. I’ve never ridden in Iowa.

  2. Bill M.

    Bill M.

    Yes, I rode as part of RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa) 16 times now. The number of repeat rider’s is part of its charm. If I remember correctly according to RAGBAI’s records if you ride it once the chances of you repeating is 60%. Which is also something to think about when you consider someone is making the commitment to ride 7 days in a row for over 400 miles in the heat of summer, which can include rain… high winds… etc. Still… if you enjoy such things… no reason to stop.

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