4 thoughts on “Remington Plastic… lacks the ring of Remington Steel… but types as good.”

  1. O.K. – a thought to change your perspective (sorry for stepping on some sanctities in the process): Niagara Falls existed long before there was Canada or US, you were given a tiny speck of time in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy the view no matter which flag flies over it and don’t worry about grabbing everything for yourself (my, my, my… 😉 ). Feel lucky to be able to admire it in person. If you need a perk – think about all the people that will not have this chance in their lifetime 🙂

  2. Peter:


    With a shift in perspective… new thoughts come into play as well as a new view. One’s narrow perspective can expand and a larger more expansive one can replace it.

    So I add another perspective to my view of perspective and I for one am grateful.

    Thank you for your time and for reading.


  3. Richard:
    I was not expecting the quality that this produced. I got it for almost nothing and did not expect anything. It is a very good machine and often overlooked because it does not jump out at you… the plastic looks cheap but underneath is quality.

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