2 thoughts on “End of Feb 2014… not a leap year!”

  1. 1952, Grandparents house, 7 bedrooms, about 4k-sq. ft $2,000.
    1965, Mother’s house, 3 BR, about 3k sq ft $3000 +/-.
    1978, My first house 3 BR, 3700 sq ft, $25k.

    I wish I knew the new car prices for those years. In 76 I bought a mew 4WD pickup truck for about 12k

    I remember when the price of a new car started to equal the price of a house and when (like now) surpass what most of our houses cost. I find there is no car on the road worth more than I paid for my first house, but when they reach the price of my present house I will walk or use my bicycle and be much healthier too.

    My buying regret, a like-new 1956 Chevy for $100 when I was 18. Instead I bought a brand new AMC Javelin-AMX for about $3k and never head the end of buying a car that cost more than our house. When I bought my first house I bought an Audi.

    Nice looking Underwood. I’m surprised how little the style changed through the 40s and 50s. I have a standard Underwood from ’47. Besides carriage shift it has some different chrome and it is black otherwise looks quite a bit like yours..

    1. Bill M.
      As often as things are corrected for inflation… my mind sticks with what the price was then. 5 cents for candy. $1.00 today. At least in the case of candy as the price went up my consumption went down even with my higher income.

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