6 thoughts on “The noiseless thud day…”

  1. Recognize the thud, also on my RNP. Probably the characteristic sound of a noiseless. (There’s a contradiction in there, somewhere 🙂
    Also recognize the skipping, Mr George G. Going had something to do with all Noiseless escapements I think. But for all its flaws, I find myself really liking the Noiseless. What it does, it somehow does very well. With a thud 🙂

  2. Nice noiseless. I have a Remington Model 7 and they just kind of make a small amount of mechanical noise and no clack. When they work they are nice, but strange typewriters. When there is a problem they can be a real challenge. They are not completely noiseless, yet they do not make the classical typewriter noise.

  3. Looks like it types very well. The idea is that the type DOES fully strike, but no MORE than fully. It’s supposed to kiss the ribbon against the paper instead of bounce off it. (Actually, on most conventional typewriters the typebars bounce off the metal “anvil,” part of the segment that stops the swift travel of the typebar.)

  4. Robert:
    I truly enjoy this machine… the only issue is that so-far I’ve had to re-think how to use it correctly to get good results.

  5. Richard:
    Yes I can get it to type well. But so far I’ve had to make adjustments to get things to flow the way they should. It does “kiss” the ribbon… I was having problems with the kiss not being enough to leave a good impression… but in the end it became a kiss to build a dream on.

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