If I’m wrong on the date… please let me know.

1901 Western Union Underwood

1901 Western Union Underwood

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  1. Bill M says:

    Nice typewriter. I’ve never seen one with the red front before. I really like the all caps typeface. I wonder when W.U. changed to the slashed zero.

  2. Richard P says:

    So cool!!!

    I’m not sure about that date; the WL serial numbers may not match the regular Underwood sequence. You can compare it to Underwoods of various ages here:


    • GEE says:

      It does not have the ribbon (see/saw) of the 1911 image (but the left side open frame without a crank that is on the 1901 does match). So before 1911 but after 1901. My understanding is that the ribbon see/saw started in 1909.

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