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Dec 312013

Sometimes it just takes a little adjustment to improve things a lot.

1960 Erika

1960 Erika

  3 Responses to “Three sheets for the Erika”

  1. Very nice looking Erika.
    Sometimes a bit more backing makes a big difference.
    I have an old Underwood Standard office machine with a rock hard platen. I use a sheet of card stock to quiet it a bit.
    I found the card stock helps me keep the typed sheet better aligned than stacking paper sheets.

    As far as over-striking. I have 5 different Olympias and I can out type all of them. I like your relating typing to playing saxophone. I used to play piano and keyboard and if I get the correct piano rhythm I can generally type quite well on them. Not as fast I I like to type, but without double striking.

  2. Bill:
    I appreciate your comments and insight. I will try the card stock.

  3. These sure are beautiful machines, with lots of features. Can’t say I love the action on them either, but I do think that fine-tuning, cleaning, and lubing can help.

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