4 thoughts on “Thoughts while using my 1909 Ideal.”

  1. Steve:
    The Ideal does not use a typical draw-string. Its down with gears… as you type the lever moves downward and toward the body of the typewriter. When you want to return the carriage and advance the line you pull the lever up and away from the typewriter. Unless you strip the gears it should last forever… takes some strength to do it right takes some practice so and most of the time I just depress another lever (release) and just pull it over. For the best description read Will Davis Article (…Another unusual feature is that the carriage return lever is mounted to the right of the keyboard, on the frame of the machine instead of on the carriage. This is accomplished by a shaft that runs parallel to the frame on the right side, along to the rear of the machine and to the front of which is connected the lever…) http://davistypewriters.blogspot.com/2010/07/ideal-in-detail.html
    He explains it much better than I do.

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