8 thoughts on “Touchmaster Five for $5.00…”

  1. Those ribbon covers are neat! Does the ribbon wind backwards compared to most typewriters? My old Underwood 6 did and I’m curious if it’s stayed that way over the years.

  2. First I must say that the Touchmaster 5 is one machine I enjoy very much. The feel and the typing action is very nice! As I just gave it a good work-out typing your blog. My machine has the serial #13-8803100, 1961. What a great feeling when one buys an excellent machine at a low price. My best purchase was $9.99 for a Olivetti-Underwood (serial # 452360) Studio 44 with script typeface. Keep typing because I enjoy your blog.

  3. It’s neat, you can still see the distinctive Underwood features on this late machine, tying it back to the Underwood no. 1 of the 1890s — after nearly 10,000,000 typewriters produced!

  4. Tony:
    I’ve had good luck with Shop Goodwill. Items are alway’s well packed. 50/50 chance on the condition of the typewriter to begin with. Images are often poor quality and very little detail regarding condition. I tell my self it’s a charity… and even if I get a poor machine someone benefits.

  5. Richard:
    ten million typewriters… perhaps with a little more innovation they could have lasted longer in the market place and not been taken over.

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