1965 Royal Aristrocrat (Italic Font)

Sometimes the seller discribes the item correctly.  The price seems low for what is shown.  Then you get what you pay for.  All the issues are non-issues and perhaps self-invented to explain away the “great deal”.  Sometimes… a typewriter in great condition at a superlow price is just that.  A typewriter in great condition at a super low price.  And once adjusted the ribbon turned out to be in great shape (the only thing about the typewriter that turned out to be not as described).

1965 Royal Aristocrat
1965 Royal Aristocrat

8 thoughts on “1965 Royal Aristrocrat (Italic Font)”

  1. A nice looking font, and interesting observation that some machines inspire you to type and some do not. I think that characteristic of a machine has a lot to do with which we hang on to as daily typers, and which mentally get categorized as those which will be passed on. I have two cursive typewriters. One of them is too feminine for my taste, in the the sense of dainty and frilly. It will get passed on to someone whose tastes are more like the Reese Witherspoon character in “Legally Blonde”. The other simply makes me happy. I love to see a page of type filled by it.

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