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I find that I enjoy having to re-think…. adapt and process differently just to create a decent looking page of print on a given typewriter.  If each machine were refurbished or brought up to standard then I would not be having this much fun.  I like having to make the mental adjustments more than fixing the mechanical parts that would make each machine work as designed.  I replaced parts on this 1923 Underwood and it worked better over all but the feel of the machine changed.  Where before I felt that if I could just get the mechanical part to function then I can write books on this thing… the well the keys moved and functioned just felt wonderful.  The adjustments changed the action and feel and movement of the machine… it is a much better and functional typewriter…. but my fingers find less joy when using it.  A “Catch 22″…

1923 Underwood 3-Bank works for free (no internet/no electric).
1923 Underwood 3-Bank works for free (no internet/no electric).



2 thoughts on “Typewriter adaption…”

  1. Unfortunately, and though it tops the chart in terms of cuteness, I just find the double shift on these three banks really slows me down. They are mini-mechanical marvels though. Keep those wheels spinning!

  2. Rob:
    Point well taken… I find myself drawn to the three-banks for the simple reason that I keep thinking that it will be a “no-brainer” to use the FIG key. I keep missing and forgetting… to use it when I should. I feel challenged by it… so I keep returning to “FIG” another day.

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