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8 thoughts on “My Collection – Geewiz Wonderfulls”

  1. please, when you go to heaven, could you leave me the R C Allen, the Burroughs and the Reliance? Just those three and then I will die happy! Fantastic machines and I just turned a bright shade of green,lol

  2. McTaggart:
    I plan on being around a very long time… 50 plus years at least… still typing on each of the machines you mentioned.

  3. Thanks for sharing your collection, an impressive example of the variety of machines that were made. This is particularly impressed on me by the fact that out of my forty or so, there are only two true overlaps with your group – the Corona 3 and the Royal No. 10., and semi-overlaps with the 1951 Sears Tower (I have its sister, the S-C Silent Super) and the 1971 Hermes 3000 (mine is the somewhat earlier, roundy-bodied one).

    I’m also impressed by the number of standards you have, having just this week collected my second, and feeling a bit foolish about it given my space limitations. But I suspect for simply putting words on paper they are probably the most efficient.

  4. Tony:
    Except for the size and the weight and the cost of shipping… I would have many more standards. I started my typewriter life with my father’s Underwood Standard… which I called Portable since I could lift it and took it to several classes with me as well… (Helps when your dorm room was right above some of the class rooms) Just one flight of stairs down… Made a impression.

    1. I can understand well your attachment to your Underwood Standard. Such solid machines. I’ve acquired one just a week ago, and it quickly became my go-to favorite. It just works well and feels good. Not the quietest, of the gang, it sounds like a Gatling gun once we get rolling. I can imagine yours made an impression in class, and not just for its size!

  5. Nice collection: good ratio of standards to portables, and youve got a lot of the brands covered.
    Reading the comments: I understand about Underwoods: love the styling, especially pre-50s but they can have their hiccups. Still, I love my Underwoods

    1. Michael:
      Underwood’s are my standard against I judge all typewriters. As such I mostly will always have at least one for as long as I continue to own typewriters. Woodstock’s are fun. Royals have a touch I like. And some of the German models just look great.

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