True non-news

I will still speak of fairness, openness, kindness and being nice.  In my mail box today was a note from the White House… not a news worthy event just a non-news event.  I could express thoughts that distract and divide but instead feel and hope for unity and good.  Perhaps that is the real news… I still believe in the value of objective fairness and goodwill.

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1985 Presidental Speech sounds like 2017

I looked up a speech Ronald Reagan made in 1985… he talked about terrorism and lowering taxes.  His interactions with the press included comments about “deliberate misquote” and “fallacious”… he said opponents would filibuster… delay, put off and procrastinate.

“…lobbyists are out in force again; they’ve dug in around the Capitol building… trying to keep the special interest in and the people’s interest out.”

The only difference was that Reagan worked with and spoke to both Democrats and Republicans.

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Years later… the same thoughts

On PBS they have been showing profiles of Presidents.  In 1960 Kennedy talked about getting “America’s edge back”… which sounded a lot like “making America Great Again”.  In 1964 Johnson questioned the temperament of Goldwater… (which sounded oddly familiar).

Presidents lied and misled and concealed….  the only difference between then and now is that back then “hope” was part of the campaign as well.  “The only thing to fear is fear itself…” “Some see things and ask why? I see the things and ask why not”… I misquote.

However I had a sense that in past times there was a belief in the power of good and no matter what presented itself today… tomorrow was another day.

1970 Adler Gabriele 35
1970 Adler Gabriele 35

Some days are just words on a page…

As much as one may hope and wish that every moment is one of wonder and joy… some days are just days that time did its thing and moved on.

Only in retrospect can one understand that all days are special and with 20 20 vision appreciate that ordinary moments…  many will wish for and some with never have again.

Each day is worth the simple celebration for being a part of it.

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