I keep rollin along…

Use to be I just looked for the proper sized bicycle tire… now I sort through: road, touring, gravel, cruiser, training, mountain, performance, slick, urban and all sorts of tire types to decide what to ride on.  One site listed a tire as “road” until it reached  the width of 700 x 32 then it transformed into a gravel tire.

1968 Underwood Five

The way we wish things were…

When you consider all the statues at the Vatican that put fig leafs on statues and broke off body parts; it is easy to see we want to recall history by current standards and not standards of the times they were created.  When the WWII memorial was created the statue of FDR covered up his chair (the one’s with wheels)… which makes an odd looking statue that leaves to the imagination his reality.

I like to add to history not take away.  Why is removal of historical realities the only option to deal with today’s issues?

1959 Hermes 2000

True non-news

I will still speak of fairness, openness, kindness and being nice.  In my mail box today was a note from the White House… not a news worthy event just a non-news event.  I could express thoughts that distract and divide but instead feel and hope for unity and good.  Perhaps that is the real news… I still believe in the value of objective fairness and goodwill.

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