$8.88 for a 1968 Underwood Touch-Master Five

With a serial number 9950063 it came at the end of the model year.  In 1968 Laugh-In was on TV. 2001 a Space Odyssey was at the show. Apple records was started and Yale started to admit women.

1968 Underwood Touch-Master Five

PS: This is a 49 year old typewriter, not 39.  I must not like thinking about the years adding up the way they do.  I was 12 in 1968, adding 49 years… makes me 39…

Another fine mess… my 900th post!

My first post was on a Olympia SM7 from 1961.  I had heard an Olympia portable was used by Stan Laurel, which was all the recommendation I needed.  Checking my typed pages I learned that it was not until September 2012 that I confirmed this information.  Back then I did not even number my posts (only after I passed 250 and  felt it would be helpful to keep track).

Along the way I discovered a website called Letters from Stan where they collected letters that Stan Laurel typed… in 2012 the number of letters was 1,184 today it is 1,620.  Mr. Laurel died Feb 23, 1965 and the last letter they show is from Feb 20, 1965.  Laurel & Hardy always brought a smile to my face.

1961 Olympia SM7

Its just a tool…

The Olympia Robust was a WWII German Field Typewriter, said to be used by the SS.  This one was left in Poland where it was re-keyed, re-painted and years later sold as junk from a Government sale.  The question then becomes is the possible use of the tool impact its modern use?  For me it was so far from its original condition that I took it a step further and added more color.  Now it is just a working typewriter, a tool making it’s own history.

1943 Olympia