In Iowa… the Next Florida.

The bicycle ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI) ends in the Town of Ft. Madison (11,000).  Each year towns go all out to support this ride.  41 years of rides and counting… it ends this year in the self-proclaimed Florida of Iowa.   Iowa which brought us “The Music Man” (…trouble right here in River City….) Where (if you build it… they will come) all started.  And the one I like most of all (is this heaven? No… its Iowa).  A place of open hearts… friendly folks… great food and lots of corn… hogs and farm land.  A mirror of America at its best (from the perspective of a bicycle seat).

Typed with ease on a 1961 Olympia Portable.
Typed with ease on a 1961 Olympia Portable.

1952 Travel Riter… over 1 year of trouble free use.

My 1952 Remington Travel Riter has provide over a year of great service.  No problems or issues or concerns (except for a loose key cap or two).  It was a low cost typewriter that I felt was not going to last (long before I new anything about typewriters)… it looked like a well used working machine.  Still is.  Made to last.  Couldn’t be happier with it.

1952 Remington Travel-Riter... one year of super use.
1952 Remington Travel-Riter… one year of super use.

An old Favorit (Adler 1936) becomes my new favorit…

One year ago I did not know about “thrust typewriters” nor how long they had been on the market.  When I bought the 1907 “The Empire” I just had to see what a 1936 model would do.  That this type of typewriter was on the market for four decades makes me reconsider what I know and it is a good thing to learn and expand one’s concept of what makes a good typewriter and why.  I like the thrust…

1936 Adler Favorit 1... a four bank thruster.
1936 Adler Favorit 1… a four bank thruster.

A lucky day… when a Corona 3 came my way.

When I saw a cheap yellow Corona 3… I bought it.  The yellow came off and the machine itself works perfect.  I feel so lucky every day I look at it and my spirit lifts when I touch its keys.  It was a lucky day indeed when this Corona 3 came my way.

1912 Corona 3... on a lucky day it became mine.
1912 Corona 3… on a lucky day it became mine.

My most viewed posts…

I visited my stats page and find I have two posts with over 100 views.  12 12 12 (109 views)  and 3 Centuries of Type with (103) and coming in third with the best title so far: “The Empire Types Back” with 96 views.  I was going to turn the green type another color but stayed with it after all.

1951 Empire Aristocrat typed my third most viewed post.
1951 Empire Aristocrat typed my third most viewed post.