Peace be still… Presidental remarks & love of Country

President Trump said today:

We must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity.

When we open our hearts to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.

President Obama shook the hand of President Trump after these words were spoken, and I believe he said “good job”

President Trump swore on the Lincoln bible… a president who said: “With malice to none and charity for all.

I’ve written many Presidents, below is a reply I received today Jan 20.


The dream lingers…

I still hear that “Freedom’s bell” where all are equal and we march together strong and tall up that mountain of goodness and light.

I still see unity; love of character and peaceful disagreement as the way forward.

I still think its true: “We cannot walk alone” I still dream that dream…

Soft sounds still rebounds… “Free at last…” and I see a rainbow of smiling faces hand in hand and I awake…

1956 Underwood

Lets support the handshake… the President & President Elect want us to!

I watched the President and President Elect sit down and speak of unity and doing good.  This should have meant that supporters of both would follow that lead and build bridges.  Instead one group wants one man to speak out against protesters and another group wants the other to speak out against those who celebrate by negative statements toward minorities.   Another objects to picking a Chief of Staff who might get along with congress to well and should pick someone who will be less friendly (and hints of “or else”.

This is not building a bridge toward understand and hope.  A star said positive things (think O) and is called a “sell out”.  It is hard to see the good in others or to find a common ground when actions that move toward unity are “spit on”.

The experts should stop saying why someone lost and explain how everyone can win if we give “understanding” a chance.

1934 Bar-lett
1934 Bar-lett

Ignore my thoughts… nothing will happen.  I will still believe in this country regardless.  Without hate or malice… I just seek understanding and I hope that is okay!

50 years of Peanuts…

After 12 years I have 25 Volumes of “The Complete Peanuts” and thought I was done.  There is a 26th due in November (RATS!).

While typing on my 1937 Underwood (Noiseless) it kept causing problems… and I was reminded of a strip when Lucy buys a balloon but is unable to blow it up.  She ties a string to it anyway and drags it along behind her.

I continue to type… and post it anyway (one of the lesson learned from Peanuts)!

1937 Underwood (Noiseless)
1937 Underwood (Noiseless)

Years later… the same thoughts

On PBS they have been showing profiles of Presidents.  In 1960 Kennedy talked about getting “America’s edge back”… which sounded a lot like “making America Great Again”.  In 1964 Johnson questioned the temperament of Goldwater… (which sounded oddly familiar).

Presidents lied and misled and concealed….  the only difference between then and now is that back then “hope” was part of the campaign as well.  “The only thing to fear is fear itself…” “Some see things and ask why? I see the things and ask why not”… I misquote.

However I had a sense that in past times there was a belief in the power of good and no matter what presented itself today… tomorrow was another day.

1970 Adler Gabriele 35
1970 Adler Gabriele 35

In the net…

They call it the “internet”… but sometimes I feel like a fish caught in a net.  I go to find out information and feel that more information about me is being captured with each search and article I see and read.  And after review my life would be PG.

Western Union Underwood
Western Union Underwood