Visomatic kicks out woe brings in woo…

Sit down at a Visomatic, press down on a few keys and before you know it; your thoughts turn to happy things.  Before you know it glad tidings rush into your head and grins grow like alfalfa in a field.  Words rush to your finger tips and on to the page faster than light crosses the universe and time stands still for good and not evil.  And the reason for owning a typewriter becomes clear… for the fun of it.  You type because you can.  And the keys to a typewriter unlocks the door of dull thoughts and in rushes the best of times and out goes the moods of woe…

1960 RC ALLEN Visomatic


1924 Remington Noiseless 5 Standard (The curved one with metal platen)

I could not resist this beauty.  It was so nice looking I had fears… which turned out to be true… the frame had broken in the interior that prevented proper placement of the platen but after some effort I got some impressions… not to mention great joy and internal smiles!

1924 Remington 5 Noiseless (Standard)
1924 Remington 5 Noiseless (Standard)