$8.88 for a 1968 Underwood Touch-Master Five

With a serial number 9950063 it came at the end of the model year.  In 1968 Laugh-In was on TV. 2001 a Space Odyssey was at the show. Apple records was started and Yale started to admit women.

1968 Underwood Touch-Master Five

PS: This is a 49 year old typewriter, not 39.  I must not like thinking about the years adding up the way they do.  I was 12 in 1968, adding 49 years… makes me 39…

Seville 3000 (In a great pumpkin color!)

I was impressed that the plastic on this Seville, no cracks and not brittle.  Then I put the outer lid back on (it cracked and a chip broke off).  But then the outer case lid the most exposed part of the typewriter.  The typewriter itself for over 40 looks & feels great and it’s orange color looks like it would glow at night.  (It looks like a Citizen XL  (Columbia) and was made by same manufacturer.

1970’s Seville 3000