True non-news

I will still speak of fairness, openness, kindness and being nice.  In my mail box today was a note from the White House… not a news worthy event just a non-news event.  I could express thoughts that distract and divide but instead feel and hope for unity and good.  Perhaps that is the real news… I still believe in the value of objective fairness and goodwill.

Typed with an Adler Gabriele 35

Looking forward…

The best way to face  fear… is to admit you have them.  Its like going Lions, Tigers & Bears… (oh my) and you run into a cowardly lion.  Which would not have happened if Dorothy had stayed out of the forest!

1951 Sears Tower Challenger

I looked back on my records and discovered that in November 2012 I paid $4.99 for this typewriter.  Which still puts a grin on my face… near mint condition.


Before the before…

There are questions you have… but not the ability on how to ask it and make sense.  I always knew memorial day was about veterans… I was never sure about why our family went to the cemetery on Memorial Day when a veteran was not involved.  Then one day I learned that before Memorial Day, in the south there was Decoration Day and before the Civil War this day was about honoring the family and not just veterans. I did not know how to ask about the before the before…

Since memorial day is linked in my mind to my oldest brother, I link all veterans with my memories of someone I never knew but love and respect always and forever.

1929 Royal Portable