6 years of GEE!

I have been online 6 years now… I had thought that it this point I would have many great insights; but instead I just have the type.  I have words on paper that fill many notebooks.  I have pressed and touch the keys of many wonderful machines.  I find that 6 years later my fingers still look forward to the words to come, the thoughts to convey and the sounds to be heard as I type away.  That’s all I really have to say… its just about the type!!

1908 Underwood No. 4

Looking back to see forward…

In 1943 this is how a U.S. Army Decontamination Unit was described:   “… Months before the war began these colored men left jobs as railroad men, school teachers, cab drivers, barbers, mechanics, and tap dancers to  answer Uncle Sam’s call…”  (from Of Men and Arms by Bishop John A. Gregg, Bishop AME Church, published in 1945).

2007 Visual Typewriter

Thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Dr. King used words well and to great effect.  Today words are picked apart and little leeway is given to intent and words used.  We understand that a word has many meanings… and how a word is said and in what context; shifts its meaning as well.  It almost makes me afraid to say anything, because I will not be understood.  But then I recall… to be understood you must first speak or be forever misunderstood.

1984 FACIT 1740