A warm day in winter…

Spring is a month away… but the weather has been warm enough think winter’s day is done.  As much as I enjoy the cool but warm day… it seems to early to see flowers and trees with green leaves.  I will go with the flow and hope the summer does not continue this trend of heat and just enjoy the nice of nice days and nights.

1959 Hermes 8 Standard

Where the buck stops…

Remember Harry S. Truman, he had a sign on his desk: “The Buck Stops here!” meaning that responsibility came to its resting place at his desk. It would not be passed on to someone else or another department.  I miss that type of thinking. I looked at what I typed and I alone am the blame for its content, not the way of the world… not the media… its all GEE!

1958 Oliver

When the phone rings…

Been reading lately that the least tolerant people are those who keep asking for tolerance by others.  I must be missing something… if someone is intolerant who believes claims that they are virtues of tolerance.  I accept the fact that not everyone loves typewriters.  Some prefer to use computers, I tolerate this odd behavior.

1939 Rheinmetall

Good attracts good…

Picked up my bike, and the bike shop reduced my bill by 50%… I did not get upset that I had driven 84 miles and my bike was not ready.  I did not ask anything but they took on themselves to only charge for parts.  One of the reason’s I stay with them.  I did right by them, they did right by me.  (Passing thought, people think that by yelling and making demands gets results.  When I worked at a restaurant, a customer made a big deal about his dinner and wanted it done over…. it was a spaghetti dinner.  The head cook, dipped into a pot of steaming hot spaghetti sauce, poured it over the dinner and sent it back.  The customer was happy…)

1959 Hermes 8 Standard

1985 Presidental Speech sounds like 2017

I looked up a speech Ronald Reagan made in 1985… he talked about terrorism and lowering taxes.  His interactions with the press included comments about “deliberate misquote” and “fallacious”… he said opponents would filibuster… delay, put off and procrastinate.

“…lobbyists are out in force again; they’ve dug in around the Capitol building… trying to keep the special interest in and the people’s interest out.”

The only difference was that Reagan worked with and spoke to both Democrats and Republicans.

Adler Gabriele 35