At 115 this Underwood works fine…

I keep walking past this 1903 Underwood #4… today I took it off the shelf and was amazed at how well it works.  Then after typing a page… I did a little work on it and now want to type another page.  For some reason the memory of how it didn’t work at all when I first got it stays with me… even when it types better at 115 than many other machines I use more often.

1903 Underwood #4

Bonds of Patriotism

It took a long time before I realized how important it is to consider that in WWII:  Landing strips are needed, places for troop ships to dock were required, hospitals to take care of the wounded had to be built, roads to transport… etc.  This took great effort, in harsh conditions and is often overlooked.  These are things my father did… when I looked up images I found the award ceremony for the Distinguished Unit Badge (AKA Presidential Unit Citation) and it took time for me to understand that such awards happen long after the fact… which explained why the uncropped picture was a empty field with a handful of people.  Better late than never they say: So I salute all who did their part… Thank you!

1916 Reliance Premier

Thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Dr. King used words well and to great effect.  Today words are picked apart and little leeway is given to intent and words used.  We understand that a word has many meanings… and how a word is said and in what context; shifts its meaning as well.  It almost makes me afraid to say anything, because I will not be understood.  But then I recall… to be understood you must first speak or be forever misunderstood.

1984 FACIT 1740

Views before facts… being human!

I typed my views then checked my facts.  I discovered the number in the house since 1911 is 435 not 235… My intent remains true even when the facts are wrong.  Perhaps its part of being human what we mean and intend outweighs what the facts convey… What the heart means is worth more than simple facts or figures! Just a reminder that people may say things wrong but be right in intent…

1911 Royal Standard No. 1