Views before facts… being human!

I typed my views then checked my facts.  I discovered the number in the house since 1911 is 435 not 235… My intent remains true even when the facts are wrong.  Perhaps its part of being human what we mean and intend outweighs what the facts convey… What the heart means is worth more than simple facts or figures! Just a reminder that people may say things wrong but be right in intent…

1911 Royal Standard No. 1

Looking forward…

The best way to face  fear… is to admit you have them.  Its like going Lions, Tigers & Bears… (oh my) and you run into a cowardly lion.  Which would not have happened if Dorothy had stayed out of the forest!

1951 Sears Tower Challenger

I looked back on my records and discovered that in November 2012 I paid $4.99 for this typewriter.  Which still puts a grin on my face… near mint condition.


Another fine mess… my 900th post!

My first post was on a Olympia SM7 from 1961.  I had heard an Olympia portable was used by Stan Laurel, which was all the recommendation I needed.  Checking my typed pages I learned that it was not until September 2012 that I confirmed this information.  Back then I did not even number my posts (only after I passed 250 and  felt it would be helpful to keep track).

Along the way I discovered a website called Letters from Stan where they collected letters that Stan Laurel typed… in 2012 the number of letters was 1,184 today it is 1,620.  Mr. Laurel died Feb 23, 1965 and the last letter they show is from Feb 20, 1965.  Laurel & Hardy always brought a smile to my face.

1961 Olympia SM7