I type for America

After mailing off 115 letters to members of congress using my computer… I’ve gotten back 1 meaningful response.  As a result I will switch to using my typewriter in the hopes that a “pitch” of civil interactions and debate will have more impact when the words were typed by a real human hand… (plus using a typewriter is more fun)!

1908 LC Smith No. 2

The day after the election (9 Nov 2016)… Standing up and not tearing down!

The person I voted for did not win.  The people of America made a choice.  As such I will support that choice and uplift and not tear down our new President.

Doing what is right and good for our country is better than stall, obstruct and delay.  Lets stand tall for America not sling mud at it.

For AmericaI will not risk more decay in our country by name calling or character shaming… I will instead push back with insight, kindness and a strong belief that an already great nation can become better by being a leader of change for good…


I type myself a letter…

When I moved to my new house…. I did not notice the Confederate flag on display across the street from me and I don’t care.  I learned long ago that what is in a person’s heart is not reflected in a flag they show.  51 years ago I learned that some of the most open/honest and dependable friends I gained were more accepting of a person of color than those who grew up North.

If I expect people to judge me by my character…. I have to be willing to do the same.

1917 Woodstock
1917 Woodstock

More will than skill… Part two: 2015 Bike Ride Across Iowa

Seven days in a row… brothers using skate boards passed me on the route across Iowa.  Even the guy pulling a canoe was ahead of me five days…  the man on the tandem bike that had the skeleton in the rear seat passed me twice… but I still won!

1961 Olympia
1961 Olympia