4 thoughts on “12 12 12 (just another day)”

  1. Neat observations, GEE. Poignant.

    Keep in mind that the “old car” wasn’t old at the time and your grandmother must have have been proud of her then-new car. (Of course, it might have been any ol’ car in the parking lot that she rested against when the photographer called out to her for a picture.)

  2. Everyone: I typed this twice and each time wrote November instead of December. And I still posted it without catching the mistake. I will leave it… GEE

  3. Michael: True it was a new car when the picture was taken. It is my understanding that my father kept this car long past its usefull life (although I have no memory of it) he was still trying to repair it into the 1960’s. Gee

    1. Richard P.commented:

      That’s a neat connection, almost eerie!

      The nightlight would be cool, though, even without the flashback to your grandma’s car.

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