3 thoughts on “Just some lite typeing”

  1. Ah, the old Internet Misattribution Syndrome–doesn’t it just break your heart to see credit go astray and then be propagated?

  2. Michael: My first thought was that it was a Cole Porter song… so I went online to check. That’s when I came across the website that didn’t know the singer from the writer. Makes you want to double check what you read… or find a hard copy reference. Gerald

  3. I’m impressed that you checked. Yes, and sometimes even only double-checking isn’t reliable, Prefer paper books published before about 1995. Life is hard and gettin’ harder.

    Reminds me of an observation I have never seen attributed to anyone but John Wayne and it does sound like something he would say: “Life is hard, and it’s even harder if you’re stupid.”

    Sounds like it could be a line in one of his movies, in which case it might have been written by some clever screen writer. If so, I wish we knew who.

    Write on!

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