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  1. Let me judge that you must be a fairly young person…

    Computers are said to “crash” because this refers to a problem with the hard disk; disks consist of a spinning platter and a read/write head that is held a very tiny distance above the platter. (Because of the relative motion of the two pieces, the head is said top “fly” above the platter, even though it moves much less than the platter.) Sometimes, e.g., because of bumping or dust getting into the drive, the head would contact the platter the same way an airplane might unexpectedly contact the ground, destroying the disk. When the disk crashed the computer became unusable; nowadays, we say this whenever the computer becomes unusable, whatever the cause.

    The metal wheels (the part that touches the ground is still called a “tire” no matter what material it is made of) on that tractor were never intended to be used on pavement or even dirt roads nor for “a trip”. They were to be used only in fields. The teeth on the back wheels were (are still) for traction and the flanges on the front were (are) to lessen skidding when turning in soft, wet dirt. The rubber tires on the tractors in back could be used on pavement and the slanted projections would smooth the ride.

    Well, I certainly share your appreciation for older technology and the greater value in the older philosophy of machinery. I love the sense of wonder implicit in your signature — GEE — which I imagine is your initials, too. Thanks so much for this blog!
    == Michael Höhne

  2. Michael: Thank you very much for your comments. Relatively speaking I am young… and when I type the decades fall away quickly. My first name is Gerald and some of my co-workers (the really young) started referring to me as GEE… Which fit in with my referring to this site as a GEEWIZ creation. I hope to stay hopefull and amazed at all the wonderfull and exciting things that go on each day in life. Something I celebrated in my trully younger days… but lost sight of as I strived to obtain sucess at work.


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