6 thoughts on “Keeping the Royal 10 (1928)”

  1. Kenneth:
    Short answer… no. I would like to keep negative comments far from my sight. I will say only that the typewriter I recieved was well packed; quickly shipped and in very good condition. The price was fair and the discription wrong. I would have liked an explaination but I am happy to settle for a machine that works and looks great.

  2. Richard P:
    Thank you. I hope to reach 200 in half the time it took reach 100 and I cross my fingers that what I post is worth reading.

  3. Notagain:
    Brooks saddles need to be broken end before you discover how great they can be. I almost stopped going on the bike ride across Iowa due to saddle sore issues. I decided to give Brooks a try… I had 400 miles on one when I went on RAGBRAI… the first day I thought I had made a mistake… it was 70 miles of discomfort and I thought I would not make it across… but on the second day the saddle just changed… and each day got more comfortable… and I have never had the sore butt issue since.

    It is leather… so I always cover in the rain… or like this year 80 mile days of 100 degree temps (excessive sweat). I worry more about my saddle being stolen than my bike. Long distance rides of over 40 miles is when they start to own the rode compared to other seats… My personal experience is that less than 40 miles in day and you will not be sure what the big deal is… but that give and take… is just enough to make a real difference in comfort after 40 miles. (I love them… wish they were cheaper and been looking for a lower priced leather saddle as an alternative… still looking).

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