2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Honesty”

  1. Memory is an amazingly fickle thing. The fact that we essentially make our memories up by linking parts of other memories together, means that it is so very easy to actually fool our own memories.

    My partner often insists on me wearing a pair of green shoes that she says I have. When I ask her to describe them to me, she usually describes a red pair that I have.

    Memory is highly fallible, and this is often a real problem to our justice system.

  2. I have to agree. When I thought a little bit more about the D.C. trip… my memory of the age thing has to be wrong and the cut off age 11 to 12 not 12 to 13. Because my Jr. high senior class always made a trip to Washington D.C.; my senior year my father did not see the point of me going on the group trip since I had gone to D.C. with the family. So, the trip had to be the summer of 68. And the Cubs game was before the D.C. trip so at least 1967 for it.

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