Fake type… real or fake news?

If you could use your computer like a typewriter would you?  After a second post using the “Visual Typewriter” software my answer is “NO”.  You get sounds, but not the exercise of lifting an actual typewriter.  You miss out on watching the ribbon move across… and if you can apply “spell check” it just feels like you just cheated on your diet.

You can look at “nice paper” but unless you print out on real paper… you do not have the option of creating “paper planes” out of your end product.  Or roll it up for basketball.  No risk of dropping it on your foot… or smashing it with a hammer.  In the end it is a quick fix… but not the “real thing”

2007 Visual Typewriter

2 thoughts on “Fake type… real or fake news?”

    1. Richard: I did not pay attention to the curly quotes… I just played with the putting words on the screen and listening to the sounds… I also experimented with settings to see what it would do… at one setting it could produce random differences in the print impression (I did not like).

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