I type for America

After mailing off 115 letters to members of congress using my computer… I’ve gotten back 1 meaningful response.  As a result I will switch to using my typewriter in the hopes that a “pitch” of civil interactions and debate will have more impact when the words were typed by a real human hand… (plus using a typewriter is more fun)!

1908 LC Smith No. 2

4 thoughts on “I type for America”

  1. I do hope you get better response by using a typewriter. It is too bad most in Congress use mail room clerks to look at the mail and then send form letters to the sender. At one time I knew my state and federal representatives and senators. Knowing them and seeing them in person got much better response to letters. We may have agreed or disagreed, but at least I knew they read my letters. Now when I send correspondence I generally get a ton of junk mail and requests to send money not only to those in Congress but to “the party”. Sounds quite communist to me to support the party rather than a person.

  2. Go for it. I have heard that letters still get proportionally more attention than e-mails. And a typewritten letter will make someone perk up. At least you will create a more interesting day for some congressional staffer!

    Do you know Sheryl Oring’s project “I Wish To Say”? She goes around the country typing postcards to the president for people — just transcribing whatever they wish to say.

    1. Richard: I had not heard of Sheryl Oring…I checked her website (very interesting). So far 146 letters sent (36 typewritten).

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