8 thoughts on “North Rim, Grand Canyon”

    1. Thank you. I had never been before… and picked the North Rim because fewer people go… (about 10% of those that go to the South Rim). I was tempted to do both, but time/energy left me feeling next time… rather than rushing.

  1. The hike’s got to be better than riding a mule, surely? That’s a wise take on falls. My mother has run out of the kind of falls she can get back up from, but only recently and age 87.

    1. I believe the hike is better… however the hike requires having time and the fitness & ability to do. For some it can be the best option when you wish to see views that very very few will ever see or experience.

      1. A couple of years ago I read Everett Reuss’s diaries and letters set in a similar landscape. If you haven’t already, I can recommend reading the book. Especially the Gibbs Smith edition.

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