4 thoughts on “Typewriters… better than barbells”

    1. Ken:

      I person who bought my Aveo (I could tell by the dents) put racing stripes on it… the tail lights have a darker color and the hubs are black… (Aveo Hatchback)… Did geat on long distance trips… 40 mpg.

  1. You know, I thought you were a much younger person than you apparently are. Must be doing something right! Typewriters are indeed better than barbells; I just had the ‘moving ginormous manual machines around’ discussion with another Typospherian last night. It’s really improved my upper body strength, my grip strength and helped me with my physical therapy. Plus, they’re so darn much fun that you hardly notice the weight.

    1. Anna:

      Like to think my mind and thoughts are youthful. There are days I can pass for 40… and other’s where I get senior discounts (when I went to see Trouble with the Curve… I was given the discount and I was not upset… I don’t mind looking old when it saves me cash)

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