3 thoughts on “Two coins in a typewriter.”

  1. I am trying to figure out what those coins are doing, exactly.

    Also, I have heard about the dropping of Royal portables from planes when they first came out, but I have never heard of anyone dropping a Royal 10 from anything. I will have to look into this.

  2. 1) What the coins do…. everytime you press a key or the space bar… a gear is engaged and turns the carriage return one space. A screw holds the grear in the correct spot to turn the next gear in the chain… over time the screw that keeps the first gear from slipping has become stripped and allows the gear to slip and causes skipping of spaces… going more than one space or not advancing at all. The coins take up the space that the screw is unable to keep the gear tight… the coins push the screw back to a point where it is not stripped and allows the gear to stay in its correct position. In time I will find the correct replacement. I am aware of better ways to achieve this goal but I like the look of the coins..

    2) I stand corrected… according to http://www.typewritermuseum.org/collection/brands/index.php3?machine=royal10&cat=kf the typewritermuseum which is also quoted by E-How and Mytypewriter.com the royal 10 was thrown from an airplane and not dropped from a building. Although I remembering seeing an AD with a picture of a typewriter being dropped… I will try and track it down… I may of mixed the two up.

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