2 thoughts on “Why own an Everest? (Because you can!)”

  1. Nice looking Everest. Seems like it types like an Olympia SM7. I out type all the SM7s that crossed my path. Beautiful flowers. If I still spent many days in the mountains I would give one of those pairs of boots a try. I grew up in combat boots and wore them so much for so long over many many miles of all kind of terrain, I do not know if I would know what a really good pair of boots feel like.

    1. Bill: I thank you again for your comments. I was reading in a magazine that looked into the life of boots. Lifespan, 14% 1 year. 77% 2-5 years. 8% 5-10 years. Trail miles low of 500 miles to a high of 2,000. (Backpacker Magazine)

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