A warm day in winter…

Spring is a month away… but the weather has been warm enough think winter’s day is done.  As much as I enjoy the cool but warm day… it seems to early to see flowers and trees with green leaves.  I will go with the flow and hope the summer does not continue this trend of heat and just enjoy the nice of nice days and nights.

1959 Hermes 8 Standard

One thought on “A warm day in winter…”

  1. Warm in the winter in normal here. I do remember warm in the winter when I lived in the North. Flowers and trees budding; then a freeze. In Spring then everything was late.

    Best of luck with the tires and tubes. It is getting more difficult (at least where I live) trying to find good ones not made in China. The one thing I learned was to repair the tube without removing the rim and tire. At first it can be difficult. Once I developed my method it became easy, pull pull the tire & the tube, inflate, patch, reassemble, inflate. At home I generally swap out the old tube for a new one.

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