When the phone rings…

Been reading lately that the least tolerant people are those who keep asking for tolerance by others.  I must be missing something… if someone is intolerant who believes claims that they are virtues of tolerance.  I accept the fact that not everyone loves typewriters.  Some prefer to use computers, I tolerate this odd behavior.

1939 Rheinmetall

2 thoughts on “When the phone rings…”

  1. Very well said.
    That is a nice Rheinmetall.
    I do not understand the clamor over tolerance. To me that means I must put up with some kind of aggravation or someone telling me I must put up with it. When it comes to people we need understanding. Understanding takes a bit of work. I need to put myself second in order to understand the other person. I must think of them first, not me first. I try to do that and hope some where along the line I leave others feeling better about themselves.

    I hope you get the 100k on the bike.

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