Good attracts good…

Picked up my bike, and the bike shop reduced my bill by 50%… I did not get upset that I had driven 84 miles and my bike was not ready.  I did not ask anything but they took on themselves to only charge for parts.  One of the reason’s I stay with them.  I did right by them, they did right by me.  (Passing thought, people think that by yelling and making demands gets results.  When I worked at a restaurant, a customer made a big deal about his dinner and wanted it done over…. it was a spaghetti dinner.  The head cook, dipped into a pot of steaming hot spaghetti sauce, poured it over the dinner and sent it back.  The customer was happy…)

1959 Hermes 8 Standard

One thought on “Good attracts good…”

  1. Your bike shop is one of the few businesses any more who understand customer service. Great asset. Too many businesses (small family owned, and especially big corporations) do not care about the customer only the dollar. By you and other loyal customers to the shop they probably make more of a profit than the greedy ones with poor service.

    Keep on biking and typing Gee. It is always a pleasure to read your blog.

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