Lets support the handshake… the President & President Elect want us to!

I watched the President and President Elect sit down and speak of unity and doing good.  This should have meant that supporters of both would follow that lead and build bridges.  Instead one group wants one man to speak out against protesters and another group wants the other to speak out against those who celebrate by negative statements toward minorities.   Another objects to picking a Chief of Staff who might get along with congress to well and should pick someone who will be less friendly (and hints of “or else”.

This is not building a bridge toward understand and hope.  A star said positive things (think O) and is called a “sell out”.  It is hard to see the good in others or to find a common ground when actions that move toward unity are “spit on”.

The experts should stop saying why someone lost and explain how everyone can win if we give “understanding” a chance.

1934 Bar-lett
1934 Bar-lett

Ignore my thoughts… nothing will happen.  I will still believe in this country regardless.  Without hate or malice… I just seek understanding and I hope that is okay!

4 thoughts on “Lets support the handshake… the President & President Elect want us to!”

  1. I would love to see the rebirth of spirited but civil debate in this country, and the willingness to work together on issues of common concern that transcend partisanship. But I’m not holding my breath. After years of absolute intransigence by the GOP, and Trump’s campaign of slurs and falsehoods, unity is a lot to expect. (And no, the Democrats aren’t blameless either, but Obama bent over backwards to collaborate with Republicans and was slapped away every time.)

    1. Richard:
      I like to think that civil debate is alive and doing well… because we are having one. I think the last 8 years of obstruction has wore out its welcome and the time has come for a better way.

  2. Between the lack of news rather than sensationalism and the mis-information on social media most people do not get or know many of the facts.

    I do believe in everyone getting along. No left or right; moderation. Even Oprah has been getting flack because she stated we need to give our president-elect a chance.

    I fully agree with Richard. If only the debates were debates. Then I’m willing to bet schools no longer teach civics or have debate teams.

    Hopefully someone — like Congress — has the common sense to not let Trump get his way on many things he boasted about. However I do not recall one Statesman in Congress my entire life.

    True unity though takes a change in people. In their hearts for a lack of better description. We need to remember the second paragraph of the U.S. Constitution. Rights do not make people get along. Laws do not make people get along. People must decide to get along with each other.

    1. Bill M.
      The 60 Minute interview today… Trumps children stated that the campaign has changed their father. Perhaps this change can continue and for the good of all.

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