3 thoughts on “Thinking about typewriters…”

  1. I don’t know why Richard says what he says about the Underwood No. 5. I find the old ones really nice to use. Then I do not like most Olympia typewriters. Not for their style, but for their poor typing qualities.

    1. Bill:
      He was referring to the very early Underwood 5’s, and is a perspective that I would value as a novice. His advice and judgment regarding typewriters is more times than not worth taking into consideration.

      1. Update:
        I asked Richard for more info regarding his Underwood 5 comment:

        Thanks for writing. My reason is simply that most typists like to use both the right and left shift keys! Aside from that, the early Underwoods are perfectly good.

        Happy typing,

        Gee speaking: I am left handed and left shift almost all the time, I never use the right shift key! Which explains why I have no issue.

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