1903 – 2016 What my Underwood might have typed!

I imagine someone 113 years ago using my Underwood 4 to write a friend that the Wright Brother’s flew a plane.  Events of World War I and II would have be pressed on paper. Man landing on the moon to the first Black President of the United States.  So much could have been typed and one thinks how much more will be…

1903 Underwood 4
1903 Underwood 4

3 thoughts on “1903 – 2016 What my Underwood might have typed!”

  1. Interesting historical contrasts. I’m always amazed at those old Underwoods although I have nothing older than a No.5. (My No. 5 arrived this week and works like new) Every old Underwood I ever had/have/used is the same: paper always loads straight, keys are quick and snappy, and the machine works better than any other manual typewriter I’ve ever used.

    1. Bill:
      Glad to see you have a new (old) typewriter. What is the serial number? I like to see what year it was made. I enjoy my Underwood’s most of all.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I just picked up another Underwood #5 last week to add to the other #5 that stated me down the path of obsessive typewriter consumption a year ago. Earlier this summer I brought home a Noiseless Standard desk model ( I almost can not wait to get that one back into service !) and a couple of weeks ago I found a mint condition Noiseless Portable that I was able to bring home. I have several others including a nice little 40’s SC Sterling and a great Remington #2 Portable that I really like but, the Underwood machines are my favorites.

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