When new is really old…

I got my bicycle back today… one of the things I had done was to change the gearing from a today’s typical 50/34T to a 40/36T which was something common in the 60’s.  What use to be touring… is now considered Adventure… wait long enough and what was becomes the new thing (like typewriters)…

1959 Smith- Corona Secretarial
1959 Smith-
Corona Secretarial


3 thoughts on “When new is really old…”

  1. I hope you can make the Grand Canyon hike. I’ve been told (by one of my co-workers who did it) it is a tough one. It is something I wanted to do at one time, but then I also thought at 50 I’d be heading to Montana to live. Plans changed when I was 45 and met my wife. Now I ride bicycle in Florida.

  2. The Grand Canyon hike has been on my “bucket list” ever since I stood on the canyon rim a few years ago and saw the Colorado River winking at me. I hope you do it.

    1. I have made reservations for the North Rim… Hiking down to the river may have to wait for another year. I plan to go done 5 miles from the North then back up. A taste of the canyon is better than none.

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