Thoughts of past and future…

Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon… if my reservation is accepted; in 2017 I will do what I had hoped to do at age 50; hike the Grand Canyon to the bottom and stay at the Phantom Ranch.   11 years late… but better late than never. Such actions happen when you decide to type on a 110 year old typewriter.

1906 Underwood 5
1906 Underwood 5

4 thoughts on “Thoughts of past and future…”

    1. Bill:
      Most things worth doing take effort to achieve. At the end of the day is it better to try or just wish about the things that could have been.

    1. Richard:
      I made a mistake thinking 13 months in advance… meant I could request a reservation on-line for September 2017. It meant thru the end of August 2017. September 2017 reservations open up on the phone starting September 1. So… I will be on the phone dialing!

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