4 thoughts on “Rambles along the way…”

  1. I had an idea the other day, and you’re just guy to bounce it off of. The other day I saw an offfice chair based on a saddle concept, with a front section that you sort of straddle when you are sitting in it. It made me wonder, could you make a stool using a bicycle seat? I once had a stool that used a metal tractor seat, and it was quite comfortable. Would a bike seat be comfortable while you sit at a computer desk? I may try one, but I would not try an expensive one until I tested one. Maybe it wouldn’t be steady enough and you might slip off.

    1. pberger:
      Most bicycle seats are made for a leaning position… but some for up-right. It would work for a “theme” setting. Not sure how comfortable they would be.

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