I double down for “understanding and peace”…

There is so much about the world I do not understand.  Lots of things people do and say is beyond my ability to accept… but with time perhaps understanding and acceptance will come.  We just need to give others more time… not take away a life-time…  there is no chance of change in that.

1958 Oliver
1958 Oliver

5 thoughts on “I double down for “understanding and peace”…”

  1. Ya still got it, GEE! Thanks for writing.

    Just this morning, I stumbled across some bike magazines from the ’70—they promoted biking as fun and beneficial for everyone. One ad featured a grandma, riding. Now it’s all macho-mean and has been since the ’90s, when I dropped out of that world.

    I’m so glad to read about how much you’re enjoying it and your efforts at building up to TOSRV every year. And your decent generosity, too, of course. Keep On!

  2. I enjoy your posts so very much, Gee 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Today’s entry is particularly touching: would you mind if I shared it at my workplace? Kind regards,

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