Bottom feeders… IRS phone scams!

I have spent most of the day contacting the IRS, FTC and Inspector General’s Office reporting on what I believe to be an attempt by someone claiming to be from the IRS to get me to pay money I do not owe.

If you receive a recording claiming “Final IRS notice” and you can get to a real person right away (red flag!!!)… I called various Government services and if it takes over an hour to get to a real person… then you are dealing with an actual government entity.

I also doubt the real IRS will hang-up on you when you ask for the correct spelling/contact number of the person you are talking to….

1959 Hermes 8
1959 Hermes 8

4 thoughts on “Bottom feeders… IRS phone scams!”

  1. Plain and simply, the IRS does not call people. As far as I am aware, they have a multi-step process:

    Step 1: Mail letter to recipient
    Step 2: Mail letter a few more times should no response occur
    Step 3: Send an army of agents directly to the recipients address for tea and discussion

    Anytime someone demands something from you immediately, you know that its not legitimate. As you mention, a true-blue government agency will ensure you waste at least half your day, just to prove their authenticity.

    1. Tyler:
      That is my understanding as well… since I moved at the beginning of the year I had concerns regarding mail being lost in translation. The longer I think about it the more certain that any mail that came my way from the IRS… I would have known about it.

  2. Tyler is correct. The IRS does not call anyone. I owed taxes a few year ago I did not calculate from closing one of my businesses. I got a letter. I called. The IRS agent was quite easy to get along with and explained everything to me. My accountant handled the rest.
    We have those scams here in Florida all the time. The schysters seem to be able to find out who the old people are and generally call them hoping they will fall for their schemes.
    Worst part is that with a computer anyone can fake a legitimate phone number and ID so your caller ID shows the erroneous information.

    1. Bill:
      I am not sure why I did not reject the call from the very first… I did not give out any vital info (not even new address) but I do feel that what little I provided was just another piece In the puzzle that should not be out there. Which is why I contacted the IRS, IG & FTC to report it. Also why I called the IRS and spoke to a live person to see if any issues existed that I was not aware of.

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