5 thoughts on “Feb 2016 rambles…”

  1. As you stated, nothing beats perseverance. Many times I wanted and easy way our or to quit a class I found difficult. I’m glad I did not do that. I know by your post you are glad you continued also. As my grandfather always told me — nothing worthwhile comes easily.

      1. Bill:
        When I started this blog, I decided not polish/correct my spelling or grammar… Among friends its about communication… not presentation. Thank you for expressing yourself; you got your message across and that is the most important thing.

  2. Great post (and great looking typewriter). Helen Keller had a great quote: “Security is mostly a superstition… Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” I am on Team Keller.

    1. maryech:
      Now that you mention Hellen Keller… she was sued for plagiarism over a shot story she wrote. The belief is that she must have been read the story before she lost her hearing… for years I thought if “Helen Keller” can be sued… then I must be very careful and strive to be original and to consider the inspiration for what I create. Put me on Team Keller as well.

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